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Club 4Kids is 12 years old! What an achievement!

Our thanx go to all the hard work and energy of all local residents who have helped us on the way - we couldn't have done it without you.

Happy 12th Birthday - Club 4 Kids - and we've got plenty to celebrate :

Club 4 Kids has been the " leading light " in inclusive Out of School hours play and childcare and has helped local families and their children:
  • access employment
  • access training
  • access respite care
  • access inclusive play opportunities
  • access "a safe place to be with my friends"
  • access informal education opportunities
  • access "active" family support


  • currently supports over 400 local families to access employment, training and respite care opportunities
  • currently provides active play opportunities to over 600 children
  • has provided play opportunities to over 1,500 children since it opened 10 years ago.
  • currently provides valuable inclusion opportunities which given opportunities to approximately 30 children & young people with special needs and disabilities to play and socialise with their mainstream peers.
  • provides approximately 15 young people with valuable work experience opportunities which help them to positively develop some of the skills required for the transition into adulthood. It also gives them the opportunity to value themselves and consider their own self-development & potential career opportunities in an active way.
  • has provided 10 years of high quality local support & "hands on" services to our local economy.
  • has developed 3 high quality schemes in 3 of the nationally recognised most deprived wards in the Borough of Hastings & St. Leonards.
  • cJ has recently developed Fit 4 Kids, a fun fitness programme of activities for children aged 5 - 16, which compliments the local Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle & Obesity in children strategies and plans.
  • has implemented loyalty rewards, for the whole of our 10th year, to enable low-income families to access more affordable and high quality childcare.
  • is further developing Inclusive Play to enable all children to play and socialise together regardless of ability or disability.

Club 4 Kids was originally set up to help families "in need", including families of disabled children and children with specific needs. Please see section headed "Families in Need" for further information.

The clubs are situated in the William Parker School, Park Avenue, Hastings, serving residents of St. Helens wards and surrounding areas and Sandown School, The Ridge, serving Ore & Broomgrove wards and surrounding areas.

Our schemes at Southwater Community Centre and West Hill Community Centre were re-located to William Parker School. Our Southwater Community Centre children needed an outdoor space to play and sadly the West Hill Community Centre scheme was under used and consequnelty not viable to continue running.

Families in Need

The NOF funding secured as part of the original set up was predominatly for working parents or parents in training. However, Club 4 Kids was originally set up to help families "in need", including families of disabled children with special needs and disabilities.

Club 4 Kids has researched and is currently identifying funding sources which would allow disadvantaged families to access the existing services for a nominal fee and provide family support through sign posting families to appropriate key agencies who can provide them with advice and support on their options.

Did you know -

  • Extended families providing support has been substantially reduced over the past 2 decades
  • Families are experiencing more and more pressure from day-to-day living and less support structures encouraging a proactive approach
  • There are a larger number of lone parent families without any extended family support

If you are a family in need, whether you need a break from family stressors, are a carer for a child with special needs or disability or find it hard to access services financially - we would like to hear from you - your needs & your voice can be passed onto relevant partnerships and agencies which have been set up to help local people/families such as yours.

Together we can make a stronger voice - we are keen to hear your views, ideas or struggles. Contact us by e-mail

Special Needs & Disability

Club 4 Kids has been and still is disappointed with the lack of support from the Local Authorities (local & county), in relation to the inclusion of children with special needs and disabilities even though Club 4 Kids has not only dramatically increased the opportunities for disabled children and adults to be included in social activities with their peers but also dramatically increased the number of respite care places available for local families dealing with stress in Hastings.

Club 4 Kids has been successful in securing 3 years funding from BBC Children in Need to employ 3 Special Needs (SN) Playworker who cover all 3 clubs and enable children with more specific needs to be included in the activities and services provided.

Club 4 Kids was successful in securing 4 years funding from Hastings & St. Leonards Health to employ 2 Special Needs (SN) Playworker

Young People

If you are aged 10 - 16 and have ideas on what you would like to see provided in Hastings to meet your needs, why not join our Youth Action Group - Hastings Teen Action Zone (TAZ). We organise activities & trips to places like Thorpe Park, etc., & are looking at ways to create a Youth club where you can meet your friends and discuss issues that you are interested in. For more information or to join the group, email Gary - or telephone 01424 440 779.

Club 4 Kids is also still trying to secure further funding to ensure that every club has at least 1 SN Playworker and we will keep you posted with our progress.

Have your say!!!!

The club is actively committed to improving local and national services as well as the local community. Please see page 2 for details on how we can bring your views forward.

Are you a parent or carer of a young person ? What are your views on local services available? Does Club 4 Kids help you?
We are interested in your views on what you would like for your young people aged 10 - 16 . Do you work or train? Do you feel happy about your young people being on their own at home or out & about whilst you are at work or training? What other help or support would you ideally like to see? We are researching this area and would appreciate your views.

Are you a parent or carer of a child with special needs (disabilities)? What are your views on local services available. How does the club help you? What other help or support would you ideally like to see? We are researching this area and would appreciate your views.

Are you a family from an alternative culture? We are interested in your views on how we can provide a service to you. If you would like to discuss your ideas and/or ways the club could meet your families needs, please contact Chrys. The club welcomes families of Black & Ethnic origins.

Don't forget: It's your club; tell us what you think!

Passing on your Views

Club 4 Kids can (and does) represent parents & children who use the club in a number of areas such as Health, Children's Services, Regeneration and Youth. If you would like your views passed onto relevant agencies, please contact Chrys

YOUR VIEWS DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE in informing local & National Policies.

The club is actively involved in:
The Health & Social Care Forum; The Early Years Development & Childcare Partnership; Hastings Campaign for Children; Hastings Regeneration Community Group; Youth Issues; Disability Issues. The club is actively committed to improving local and national services as well as the local community on your behalf.

Working Tax Credit & Childcare Tax Credit

As a working parent/carer you may be eligible to claim up to 80% of your childcare fees through WFTC. The main criteria is that you work over 16 hours per week and use a registered childcare provider. To find out more or if you are eligible call the Tax Credit help line on
0845 300 3900 .


The club is run by volunteer Trustees & Directors who are parents who use the club. The club needs parents and carers to help run the club and therefore ensure that it is a community service.

The role of Trustees is voluntary although "Out of Pocket" expenses can be claimed. The main problems within the voluntary sector are finding Trustees who are interested in becoming involved in the management and the development of the organisation and services provided.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming involved in improving your community and children's activities and opportunities and have a little time to spare. Your time and skills are valuable and will benefit local people like yourself.

Club 4 Kids is in need of Trustees with a professional background such as Accountants, Solicitors, Personnel Managers , etc. as well as local Councillors .


Volunteers - calling all volunteers

Club 4 Kids would like to hear from volunteers who could take part in some of the wide variety of exciting posts from Playwork to Drivers and anything in between. We have opportunities for voluntary work in Playwork, Youth work, Driving, Escorts & Administration work. We offer good levels of support, training and the opportunity to move into paid employment.

Volunteers can chose their roles within the organisation along with the time they can contribute. All out of pocket expenses such as travel & childcare will be paid and free training opportunities given.


Working in Partnership:

Club 4 Kids is also keen to work in partnership with relevant projects, organisations and agencies to ensure that the local services provided to children, young people and their families are co-ordinated and cost effective (with the idea of bringing about viable independent community services which will help local people/families far into the future).


We would also like to hear your views on improving the current service. Evaluation Forms are sent out regularly but please, don't wait for these if you have ideas NOW contact Chrys .

For further information about any areas covered by this news page, please contact Chrys .

Don't forget: It's your club; tell us what you think!