Club 4 Kids MPV Appeal

Support the community and make good use of your advertising budget!

Club 4 Kids is offering advertising space to local companies on its new seven seater MPV. Our rate card has been priced to provide exceptional value for money for advertisers. The table below shows the comparative costs per thousand impressions (advert views) across a range of advertising options.

  Prices for children aged 4 - 14
Medium Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM)
Radio £12.12
TV £4.80
Poster Roadside £1.20
Direct Mail (Shared Mailing £1943
Newspaper Ad £4.93
Advertising on Club4Kids MPV £0.60
Sources: Department of Transport , BBC, and Mintel - via
Club4Kids MPV advertising impressions have been calculated using an independent impression calculator based on the following expected vehicle usage - A roads, Speed limits > 40mph 30%, Minor: B, C & Unclassified 70%, Weekday Travel 3 hours Weekend Travel 1 hour = 666,569 impressions per year (calculated via

We have 4 advertising spaces on the four side doors of the vehicle.

The advertising space is being priced at £1,125 per year (total of £4,500 for 4 years) based on the above calculation of £0.60 per 1000 impressions. This will help raise the £18,000 required for us to purchase and run the vehicle.

As you can see from the table above this represents extremely good value for money.

If your interested in promoting your company whist helping us provide safe, affordable and reliable transport for our kids we'd be delighted to hear from you!

MPV Appeal