Fit 4 Kids Info for Parents

What is Fit 4 Kids?

Fit 4 Kids provides children’s fitness to children aged 4 – 14 (school ages), which are age & ability appropriate, stimulating & fun & enhance positive health development.

Fit 4 Kids employs fully qualified children’s fitness instructors who are CRB checked and approved.

The programme of activities include physical games and play which enhances education (informally through fun activities). Children will learn about their body and how it works e.g. bones, muscles, the heart & lungs & their health, including healthy eating, etc.

Parents & carers can be safe in the knowledge that their children are enjoying cardiovascular exercises through indoor & outdoor fitness activities & informal health & fitness education with qualified & experienced fitness instructors who are CRB checked and approved.

Fit 4 Kids is a project which has been developed in partnership with Club 4 Kids – it is health & fitness based & aims to target Government health priorities such as childhood obesity, etc. Club 4 Kids is OfSTED registered and approved.

We are also hoping to train up more people to deliver these services to roll the programme out to a wider area.

Why was it set up?

Because children in schools don't have much in the way of sports each week compared to previous generation. On average, children get between 1 ½ & 2 hours physical education per week.

Fitness helps us in so many ways - relieving stress - it is a know fact that children suffer similar stress levels to adults - we need to give them ways to manage it effectively. Fitness not only helps in the acknowledged physiological ways, it also helps psychologically through the:

  • development of 'feel good factors'
  • increase blood flow to the brain
  • improves concentration
  • co-ordinated activities build neurological pathways
  • improves memory and learning.

Loss of Play opportunities - children now don't have the same open play opportunities as previous generations But no-one wants to do fitness unless its fun - and that's the key element!

But no-one wants to do fitness unless its fun - and that’s the key element!

Classes in your area


West Hill Community Centre
Croft Road
East Sussex
TN34 3HP

Days & Times

The classes run Monday – Friday 4.30 p.m. – 5.30 p.m. term time & throughout all school holidays.


£3.50 per session per child.

What does my child need?

Appropriate sports wear or loose clothing and sports shoes/trainers. Please also make sure your child brings a drink of water or sugar free squash. No fizzy drinks permitted.

How do I join?

Please come to the club and complete a registration and health screening form for your child before they attend. It’s best to come in between 3.30 – 4 to do this if you would like your child to start that day.

Childhood Obesity – the facts

Obesity is a growing problem in the UK and elsewhere and is currently the subject of a Commons Health Committee inquiry. The most recent study (2001) estimates for England suggest that some 8.5% of 6 year olds and 15% of 15 year olds are obese. This is a concern because obesity is an important risk factor for mortality and a range of chronic diseases in adult life,

The increase in childhood obesity reflects a wider trend among the adult population in the UK and in other countries. Prevalence of obesity among adults in England has almost trebled in the last 20 years. The year 1980 to 1998 saw obesity rise from 6% to 17% among men and from 8% to 21% among women. The National Audit Office (NAO) has projected that by 2010, 1 in 4 of the adult population will be obese and that the total (direct and indirect) cost to the NHS and wider economy will be around £3.6 billion (Reilly JJ et al, British Medical Journal)

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