Extended Schools - access to opportunities & services for all

What is it?

Extended schools is a new Government strategy for children's services delivery under the Every Child Matters: Change for Children programmes. According to TeacherNet

"The extended services covered include quality 'wraparound' childcare provided on the school site or through other local providers available 8am-6pm all year round, a varied menu of activities to be on offer such as homework clubs and study support, sport or music tuition, support (including information sessions for parents), swift and easy referral to a wide range of specialist support services, and providing wider community access to ICT, sports and arts facilities, including adult learning."

"Extended schools are one of the most likely bases for the delivery of services within local Every Child Matters: Change for Children programmes. Reconfiguring, co-locating and facilitating easier access to services around the places where children and young people spend much of their time makes sense in terms of improving outcomes. Extended schools recognise that they need to work with others to improve outcomes for children and young people, their families and communities."

What does it mean to schools -

According to Every Child Matters

"As part of the Government's ten-year childcare strategy, the Prime Minister announced (in November 2004) a childcare offer for school-age children. This offer will build on existing childcare provision in schools, such as breakfast and after-school clubs, to provide a guarantee of childcare provision between 8am and 6pm all year round. By 2010 all primary schools will be providing this offer, either on site or in partnership with other schools, local providers or childminders, with half of all schools providing it before then.

The Evaluation of the Extended Schools Pathfinder Project (April 2004) found that extended schools can bring about a range of positive outcomes. For children and young people, this includes improved attainment, attendance and behaviour. For families, there was evidence that activities could have a positive impact on parental involvement in their children's education. For communities, extended schools can be a place where different sectors of the community can engage with each other through different activities."

How can club 4 kids help

As a leading local Out of School hour's provider, Club 4 Kids has 10 years "hands on" experience in setting up and running Out of School hour's services.

Club 4 Kids has developed the full range of skills and experience required to successfully develop (or assist in helping schools develop) Out of School hour's activities .

Because of our extensive experience , Club 4 Kids is well positioned to be at the forefront of working in partnership with schools to assist with extended schools development.

Club 4 Kids can meet the assessment criteria for funding as follows:

  • Demonstrating Need & Demand - Club 4 Kids has up-to-date market research and 10 years experience of demonstrating Need & Demand through research
  • Capacity to Manage Provision - Club 4 Kids has 10 years experience of managing provisions. It currently runs 3 clubs situated in the priority wards.
  • Develop Financially Sustainable Provision - Club 4 Kids has 10 years experience of developing sustainability plans and cashflow forecasts and implementing these.
  • Commitment to Quality - Club 4 Kids has been accredited with Quality Assurance mark since 1996 and regularly updates this accreditation.
  • Monitoring of Information - Club 4 Kids has 10 years experience of monitoring information as required by most funding bodies.
  • Accessing of Appropriate Information & Support - Club 4 Kids is fully aware of Information streams and key agencies providing support to this sector.

Club 4 Kids also meets relevant regulatory requirements, has extensive experience in all aspects of project development, management and finance (including personnel & quality assurance).

Club 4 Kids can therefore offer any of the following opportunities to your school:

  • Develop a partnership to set up a scheme in your school

Club 4 Kids has been working in partnership with Sandown School since 2002 in delivering Out of School activities and childcare to the school and community. This example of good practice can easily be replicated with your school.

  • Outsourcing solutions to set up a school owned/run scheme
  • Outsourcing solutions for managing a school owned/run scheme

Outsourcing solutions can provide your school with, for example, ready made policies & procedures for quality children's activities and care, specialist financial forecasting for Out of School hours services, ready made management, monitoring and evaluation systems, sourcing funding opportunities and developing applications, etc. If you would like to discuss any of this further or areas your school have been considering, please contact chrys@club4kids.org

Extended Schools - access to opportunities & services for all